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I’ve written a TextMate bundle for the haXe that’s available here.

I’ve also made a collection of classes/packages.

  • ArrayTools – a collection of permutation/combination utilities for Arrays.
  • ListTools – a collection of Lambda type list manipulation utilities.
  • IterTools – a collection of Iterator type manipulation utilities.
  • HashTools – a collection of methods for creating/manipulating Hashes.
  • StatTools – a collection of methods for performing simple statistical routines over Iterables.

I wanted these to be easily accessible for whatever I’m currently working on, so once you include the lib with the -lib compiler flag, it may be useful for some people to include a shortcut Common.hx file that has the following:

typedef LT = ListTools;
typedef HT = HashTools;
typedef ST = StatTools;

which will then let you save a few keystrokes:

HT.groupByHash(it... etc)

If you want to see all the blog posts I’ve written on haXe, you can find them here.

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