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HaXe Demonstration

June 18, 2009

I recently gave a presentation on haXe at the Strands offices in Corvallis and Seattle.  I think it raised a few eyebrows, but probably ended up raising more questions than it answered.  This was to be expected, as haXe is pretty unique in its ability to target multiple web-related platforms.  The devil is in the details, and so I thought it was best to post everything here on the blog so that interested individuals can go over the specifics in a more involved way.

The demo that I showed was actually two parts: A simple “hello world” trace example, which I compile to  swf, php, and javascript.  Then, a more complex example that compiles some code to each of those targets, and then uses conditional compilation to build a web page that displays output from each target all at once (The PHP target references the javascript source, a javascript method references the swf file).

This, to me, is perhaps the most satisfying aspect of haXe:  The ability to treat each target as a minor variation of an API, rather than as a set of totally unrelated platforms.  Developing, targetting, and displaying results simultaneously is a strange feeling.  All of a sudden, javascript, php, and swf are operating off of the same script, and you are totally in control.

You can download the source as an archive here, or browse the source here.  Once you compile the Demo2 file, you should see something like this.

There’s a README in the source that’ll explain what’s going on.

If you’re totally new to haXe, you’ll want to download the compiler from the download page.  After installing, you can run the build1.hxml – build4.hxml examples by simply typing in:

haxe build1.hxml

For each of the build files.  For the build.hxml file (non-numbered), you will need to edit it so that it points and outputs to a working web folder.  If you use TextMate, you can download the textmate bundle for haXe, and use the editor to browse and build files.

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