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ISMIR: Metablogging Paul Lamere

September 19, 2008

I had originally wanted to write some summaries of the talks, but as always, my train of thought is always derailed, and I never seem to do them to my satisfaction.  Thankfully, Paul Lamere has done a tremendous job giving a ton of people their 5 minutes of fame on his blog.

In fact there’s so many that it’s hard to sort them out since they aren’t easy to parse in his index.  Here’s an overview:

  1. Tutorials
    1. Chuck Tutorial
    2. Tutorial Overview
  2. Day One
    1. Day One Overview
    2. Geometry of Musical Chords
    3. Plenary Session 1
    4. Plenary Session 2
    5. Day One Posters
  3. Day Two
    1. Music Recommendation Industry Panel
    2. Plenary Session 3
    3. Plenary Session 4 (Couldn’t find this one)
    4. Day Two Posters
  4. Day Three
    1. Keynote
    2. Plenary Session 5
    3. Mirex Panel
    4. Mining the MySpace Social Graph
    5. Plenary Session 6
    6. Day Three Posters (Mirex)
  5. Day Four
    1. Plenary Session 7,8
    2. Plenary Session 9 (he had to prepare his Explaura demo, and didn’t cover them)

Thanks again Paul!

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