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More Airline Fun

April 28, 2007

Well… I made it to San Jose for the Chi Conference. However, there were more shenanigans en route. The flight out of Indianapolis was late AGAIN (no weather excuses this time… just 45 minutes late for the hell of it).

When Richie and I arrived in O’Hare, we had missed the connecting flight…. so, we said “hello” to a nice fat 3 hour layover and overpriced terminal food and drink. We ended up not getting into San Jose until well past midnight (3AM Bloomington Time). Luckily, our baggage made it through intact. We get to the hotel room, and meet up with our third room mate. Unfortunately, since we didn’t get into the hotel until late, there was only one guy working behind the counter at the Ramada. He said there was no way he could get an extra cot for us that evening… which was pretty pathetic, considering that’s a standard request at a hotel. The best he could do was provide a single extra pillow. We were trying to decide who got the bed, and who got the floor, when luckily the manager’s better sense caught up with him and he decided to give us a cot (thanks “bro”).

I’m pretty jet lagged, and am trying to just get through the day. However, it’s been fun hanging out and trying to stay caffeinated to hold conversations. I’m sure people think I’m on drugs or something.

Oh, and by the way, I flew on American Airlines this time, not United. I’m beginning to think I’m just cursed with air travel.

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