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The Art of the Mixed Message

October 25, 2006

I just had a good laugh from this page. referenced from an earlier New York Times article.

North Korea really is masterful at the mixed message. On this North Korean page you can buy animated images for your… cell phone? (North Koreans cannot own cell phones though, so what’s the point?) You have a wide variety of images to choose from, no doubt endorsed at some level by the dear leader himself. The variety of images seem to give an insight into the near schizophrenic mindset of the government. On just that one page, you have pictures proclaiming peace situated right next to images of hands smashing the white house, burning flags, or of men carrying large missiles.

The first image really sums things up… the world is literally revolving around North Korea. Ah well, at least the government’s propaganda is at home on the internet… a place where crazy folks seem to thrive.

p.s. for an added laugh, right click on one of the animated images and select “view image”

One Comment
  1. Heekyoung permalink

    sooooooo shocking and interesting as well!

    I’ve never thought that they have websites like that because we cannot access to them in south korea. I feel so weird to see those artworks made in same korean language.

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