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Cyber Warfare!

August 15, 2006

I found this O’Reilly article about Ahmadenijad’s personal blog to be pretty funny.  Apparently the Iranian president’s blog has a trojan/virus that is embedded in the page, but only for requests that originate from IP’s in Israel.  However, other countries have somehow gotten the “infected” page as well, including Spain.  Israel responded in kind by launching a massive DDOS which has limited the availabilty of the site.

This conflict becomes even more fascinating as it spills onto the internet.  Iran, which is light years behind in the information technology sector, is nevertheless trying to use technology as a weapon for their cause… and is launching attacks from a government sponsored facility (Ahmadenijad’s webserver).  Israel replies with coordinated guerilla tactics, by launching several hundred thousand attacks in a non-centralized fashion (with no way of tracing the source back to the government).  The latter method is far more devastating.  It appears that “guerilla” style attacks will be the best tactic for the internet.

Edit: It gets even better. Iran ran a contest for “holocaust cartoons” in response to the cartoons lampooning the prophet Muhammed. Israel is using SEO tactics to move pages detailing these cartoons down on the web search results.

This is pretty interesting behavior, and is evidence of the first couple of rounds of “internet warfare” that can exist between countries or organizations. This type of warfare includes limiting or preventing information sources from disseminating ideas, or by attacking certain recipients of information. However, only methods in the “virtual world” are being used. Nobody’s knocking out communication centers with bombs, or jailing paper editors, etc. It’ll be interesting to see how larger countries leverage these same tactics if and when they are forced to use them.

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