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Unreleased Elliott Smith Track

April 17, 2006

I wanted to post this Elliott Smith track. As far as I know, it’s an unreleased demo called “untitled” or “sticks and stones” that was distributed on street corners. Unfortunately, this means it has pretty bad audio quality. However, it’s a pretty cool song, not because of its melody, but because it’s sort of a synopsis of Smith, his writing style, and how he used chord structure to express emotional confusion and frustration. I should warn you that it has a couple of “strong” words. If this sort of thing isn’t your boat, then you may want to pass.

First of all, it has a wonderful intimacy… mainly because of the low fidelity and raw recording format. Definitely check this out on some nice headphones. I love the “hey hey” and the numerous false starts. It also has a great hook, that gradually descends into a sort of melodic hum.

The actual verses use chord sequences that are a little awkward and out of place, but I think it’s a really cool analogy to the escalating arguments that he’s getting into with his deadbeat significant other, and the consequent emotional confusion it causes him in the minutiae of his daily life. Wonderful stuff.

(Kudos to Richie for hooking me up with this cool embedded mp3 player!)

p.s. more unreleased Elliott Smith songs are available here.

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