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September 21, 2005

So, I got a letter from my grandfather today. It was a standard affair, much like all the letters he sent through my camp, college, professional, and “academic relapse” years. There was a tiny religious themed card inside, indicating that I’m special, and offering several bible verses to consider in my daily life. I sort of realized what a lost art handwritten letters are. This theme has been brought up in other blog posts before, but never hit home for me till today. The tone of the letter my grandfather sent was that of an old friend, whom hadn’t heard anything from me in years.

Hadn’t he read my blog?
Hadn’t he seen my catalog of images on flickr, with the neat-o tagging and highlighting features?
Heck, he could’ve googled me and found out a lot of current information.

However, the only method of distance correspondance he was familiar with was a letter, written in his practiced and shakey script. So, as a “design” experience for the evening, I’m going to write a letter back to him. I’ll make a printout of images from Flickr, but everything else will be done by hand.

Then I’ll come running back to e-mail I’m sure :/

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