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January 20, 2005

I haven’t been using this blog as much since our new design wiki has gotten started. It’s sort of rough right now, but I think it will start building steam as the years go on. I’m starting a page to organize all of my components located here. I think this will help me formalize and organize my thoughts better than is possible on this site.

On the topic of progress with my prototype, I have good news. Richie found an accelerometer that works fairly well with the prototype, and when placed on top of the pole, can fairly accurately detect a “tip” in any direction. Using the feedback from the sensor, you can control things such as pitch or volume based on how far you tip the pole over. It should be pretty nifty to use. However, I also learned that several of the slider controls I wanted to use are either broken or the wrong kind of slider. So, I’ll have to make do with only three for the time being…. oh well…

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