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Christmas Craziness

December 26, 2004

I’m finally back in Evansville after a long layover in Atlanta, and I’ve been in contact with Neil and Rob. One of the suggestions Neil had was to take a “DDR” mat that would let him trigger different samples. This method of playing is sort of an homage to Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), a video game in which people play by dancing around on the various touch sensitive mats in time with the beat. This is a big phenomenon with younger popular culture, and will be recognizable to the audience as a “DDR controller”. Neil mentioned having one of his other friends join him on stage and play a duet out of one of his songs. I also am working on coming up with a decent pitch/yaw sensor. This would enable the mic stand to work as a single large joystick. The dual axis of movement would allow two parameters (presumably related) of music to be modified in real time. Rob is more interested in this, as he enjoys playing with different tones during his performances. Both the DDR mat and the joystick controller are sort of on the back burner, as getting the main controller functionality up and running is first priority, but I imagine I will be able to work both concepts into the final performance. I’ll post more updates as they come…

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