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Observations so far

November 1, 2004

Here’s some observations I’ve made through my work so far (These are more for my own benefit than anything else).

  1. Electronic music takes on a huge number of forms, and I was a little naive to assume that I would be able to find a large population of a limited subset of electronic musicians (software based electronic musicians familiar with Reason) here at Bloomington.
  2. There is an active electronic music scene here at Bloomington, but like most things that happen here at Bloomington, it has its own unique style.
  3. Dealing with propietary commercial applications (such as Propellerheads Reason) is nearly impossible. There is little chance that you will have the freedom you need to design something adequate
  4. Electronic music performances take on many different purposes, from dance to ambience. This is perhaps more so than any other musical style.
  5. Most of the artists locally don’t have a lot of money, and use old and outdated equipment.
  6. There is a general draw towards physical instruments and artifacts for most electronic musicians
  7. In keeping with the previous point, most artists dislike working with software based instrumentation for this reason, at least for expressive performances

I’ll add to this as time goes on…

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