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TFIDF and Sonification

October 28, 2004

I read a couple of really interesting articles on the sonification of text spaces. Both are from a researcher from Bell Laboratories named Mark Hansen. One is a musical sonification of web page traffic, and the other is an art exhibit of public chat room conversations, mapped onto mini LCD display panels, and arranged in different shapes inside an exhibit room.

I really like this project. I’m in a school that is focused on dealing with the incredible amount of data that is swamping our culture, and turning it into something meaningful. I don’t know if I can work this into my project, but it does work off my strengths of working with unstructured text spaces. This seems like I’m putting the cart before the horse, since I should be focused on designing for a population, rather than experimenting randomly.

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  1. Nick permalink

    Did that last non-sense post that I sent make it?

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