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Shared Midi Space Collaboration

October 4, 2004

I’ve been talking with the Ty, creator of frogjam for the past couple of days, and he’s allowed me to use his program in conjunction with my capstone project. We had a long discussion on the history of midispace collaboration, including the big names and applications. One of the biggest names was an organization called “Res Rocket”, that released several versions of shared midi applications that got some attention among the “tech press” magazines such as Wired. Their application (called DRGN) allowed multiple artists to collaborate on the same song, in semi-real time (think “chat”) format. This project received funding from Paul Allen (from Microsoft) in the late 90’s and released a series of variations on this theme, including versions that interfaced directly with Cubase and Cakewalk (popular mixing and composition software applications). From what I’ve heard from Ty, it seems that the business model that they used caused their downfall (charging for usage by units of time and disk allocation, rather than selling subscriptions). This problem, in conjunction with the overall tech bust during that time probably was a leading factor to the end of Res Rocket.

[Listening to: Gorillaz – Latin Simone – Dan The Automator – Wanna Buy A Monkey? (3:08)]

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