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October 1, 2004

I got the chance to speak with a couple of interesting individuals over the past week. One of them is a local DJ who shared a lot of information on the electronic dance phenomenon known as raves. He also discussed his experiences and frustrations learning electronic music with a friend using an application called Fruity Loops. He also noted the difficulty he’s had in finding fans interested in his own style of music locally, and that he’s trying to find people to collaborate with. He also gave me a good persepective on how artists find their place in the web of electronic music genres, as well as what motivates them to change their styles and interests. I’ll be talking more with him as the project progresses.

The second individual works on an online midi collaborative composition application called frogjam. I feel that a program like this only needs some minor modifications in order to interface correctly with some of the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) applications out there. I’m leaning torwards this as the implementation prototype of my design prototype.

[Listening to: Meltdown – Orbital [The Altogether 11 » 11] – (10:17)]

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