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propellerheads is hiring!

September 23, 2004

I found an interesting position opening for software interaction designers at a company called Propellerheads based out of Sweden. They make composition software for the electronic musician crowd, and their application called “Reason” is one of the best examples of HCI design in a commercial product ( let alone music production) that I’ve ever seen. They have posted the job description as follows:

Do you want to create music software products that change the world? Are you an experienced software interaction designer with a deep interest in products such as ours? Are you even the kind of person who has seriously thought about contacting the world’s VCR manufacturers to teach them a lesson about usability? Then you’re just the person we’re looking for.

They then include a test that all applicants must take in order to submit their resumes. It’s a very interesting requirement, and the test can be viewed here.

I’d never seen such a focused requirement from a software company like this before, and even though the format and phrasing of the test is up for debate, I think it’s very encouraging to the field of HCI.

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  1. Uncle Brian permalink

    Applying for a job will imply to the prospective employer that you will actually “work”. “Work” will involve getting up (in the MORNING), getting to your place of business on time, taking direction from a significant individual often known as “the boss” and actually executing these directions effectively. Just wanted to explain these concepts to you. And frankly, you’ve been so successful at dodging the whole “work” thing for so long, why ruin a good thing?
    Love ya, JJ,
    Uncle Brian

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