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Hitting the boards

September 14, 2004

I’m still finding message boards where I can advertise the focus/observation group. I haven’t had much luck finding local musicians, but given the transient nature of most individuals in Bloomington, I have a feeling I’ll have better luck putting up fliers advertising the study rather than trying to track them down on line or through other individuals. Anyways, I’m getting good feedback from the on line postings to several of the larger musician communities on line. The boards that I’m posting to are:

If anyone knows of any other boards I could post to, I’d appreciate a comment or e-mail!

I’ve posted the ad template in the extended entry of this post…

[Listening to: crafte-one-mar-3-02-fullset (Dub Beautiful Collective – live ambient, downtempo, and IDM recordings from San Francisco) – spaze – (0:-1)]

I’m a second year masters student studying human computer interaction at the Indiana University school of informatics ( My capstone (thesis) will be a design study of collaborations between electronic musicians, specifically as they pertain to composition efforts. The study will be done in an effort to identify problems with conventional “single-user centric” hardware and software design and to illuminate more collaboration-friendly design in this area. I am currently interested in finding participants for focus groups, observations, and interviews, and am looking for musicians both professional and amateur who are willing to share some of their experiences dealing with collaborations in this context. An ongoing journal of my project is available at If you are interested in volunteering, please send a reply to this post.

Thank you for your time,


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