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Round up the posse

September 13, 2004

Today I’m trying to round up some volunteers. I’m looking for electronic musicians locally and otherwise to interview, use in focus groups, and observe. I found a cd comprised of the work of several Bloomington, IN area electronic musicians, but I’ve only been able to track down one of them. I’m trying to think of several different methods of culling information from my distant participants. A questionnaire is easy, but limiting in the information it can provide, or annoying in the time it consumes on the part of the volunteers. I’m thinking a focus group might be the best possible arrangement, but I’ll have to figure out how I can allow people from all over the country to participate at the same time.

[Listening to: Chemistry Of 7 (Limbik Frequencies – Deep Elektro[u]nique) – Ben Neill-(0:-1)]

From → Capstone

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  1. Joyce Donaldson permalink

    Can Andy Storms be of any help here in rounding up musicians?

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