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Examples of Electronic Music Collaboration

September 8, 2004

I was thinking about some of my favorite electronic groups, and I had some interesting finds. First of all, some of the more popular groups are/were “pairs”. Several examples of this phenomenon are:

The Chemical Brothers
The Dust Brothers
Daft Punk
Future Sound of London

In most other popular music genres, a duo is a relatively rare thing. This may be due to the performance nature of conventional pop music. The combination of a “rock and roll” lifestyle and its influence on band dynamics is well known… even lampooned (Spinal Tap). Eventually, someone feels that he/she has more talent than the rest of the band and strikes out on their own. However, with electronic musicians, there is no “lead” performer, and the only group that I’ve ever heard of that broke up so that individuals could pursue their own solo careers was Massive Attack (with Tricky). Maybe someone reading this can prove me wrong…

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